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Powershell is a really powerful scripting language. It provides a lot of modern useful programming language features. It also have basic features like conditional statements like If. In this tutorial we will look syntax and use cases of If. PowerShell – Multiple -and -or within a single If statement Posted on 02.25.2011 by ITNotes I had a hard time finding examples on the web on how or if you could code multiple If’s into a single If statement, so I thought I would just quick post up an example once I figured out how to do it. 20/01/2017 · While I have some C experience from many years ago, I'm very new to PowerShell. I believe I have Powershell version 4. I'd like to check for existence of a. PowerShell kennt if/else-Statements, aber kein THEN oder END IF. Für mehrere Vergleiche bietet es elseif und switch. Letzteres unterstützt auch Regex. This post explains powershell code to check if a string contains a word or another string with case-sensitive and case-insensitive using like operator.

15/04/2016 · Hi, I have the following power-shell script but it's not printing any results for me. What I would like to do is query the wifi profiles available on a pc then print True if the result of the wlan profiles contains WIFI-123 else print false.
Use test-path with powershell to check if a file exists. From Svendsen Tech PowerShell Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. In this little article I describe how to use the cmdlet Test-Path to check if a file exists. Type Get-Help Test-Path for more information, possibly with the "-online" switch.

11/09/2014 · For conditional statements or loops, you have to compare values to control the progress of the script. Like all modern scripting languages, PowerShell supports if/else, switch, and the corresponding comparison operators. However, PowerShell differs here from other popular programming languages for Windows and the Web. When applied to an array, comparison operators will work as a filter returning all the values which match. Filters. A PowerShell Filter will accept the following operators-eq-ne-ge-gt-lt-le-like-notlike-approx-bor-band-recursivematch. 01/06/2017 · First, if you want VBScript, this is the wrong group - this is for PowerShell questions! Secondly, you can certainly do what you want in PowerSHell. Create a file, computers.txt, then do something like this. How do I create an a statement with an inline If IIf, see also: Immediate if or ternary If in PowerShell? If you also think that this should be a native PowerShell function, please vote this up.

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